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Servicing Long Island since 1984, Furs Furs Furs offers an extensive selection of luxurious fur coats and fur jackets. F.F.F. is a Greek family owned business and has been in the industry for many generations. We combine our unique mastery with state-of-the-art design and techniques, along the side of high quality, custom made, and fashionable furs available for your personal taste. Our stylish collection of the finest furs includes, mink, fox, sable, chinchilla, lynx, and a myriad of other types of fur coats and jackets to select from! In addition, we present a lavish range of fur colors which we can also customize to assure supreme comfort and style. With every coat and design that goes through our door, we take our time and channel in our creativity to showcase the passion and quality of our work into our collection for our clients.

F.F.F. also collaborates with high end fur dealers and designers overseas and domestically who are endowed with an incredible sense of fashion and elegance, in turn, delivering us the most extravagant and posh fur line for our clients. Furthermore, our vast showroom gives you the opportunity to graciously peruse through our ceaseless collection of furs! With our diverse skills set at F.F.F. we expertly tailor our services to match your requirements with your fur of choice to any and every style. Confidently looking your best is fundamental to us, which is why we are fully committed to cater to your every need on the premises, from full retail engagement to a la carte services, providing the remodeling, repairing, cleaning, and glazing of your fur.

F.F.F values their clients gratification and contentment, so we continue to strive to offer them a wide selection of our highest quality of fur by helping maintain the essence of their exquisite quality while preserving paramount standards in the industry.

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